An under-eye concealer and facial highlighter that refracts light creating a soft-focus finish. Provides sheer to medium coverage for under-eye shadows. Reduces inflammation and puffiness around the eyes, disguises wrinkles and fatigue and helps conceal discolouration. White tea extract and buckwheat wax calm tired eyes, while avocado and sunflower oil gently nourish.

Apply to the whole under-eye area and even around the nose, lips or any area that needs highlighting. The brush is designed to fit easily into the recess between the nose and the inner corner of the eye.

No 1 & No 2: yellow based, neutralises redness
No 3 & No 4: peach based, neutralises blue, violet & grey
No 5: yellow/brown based, neutralises redness in darker skin tones
No 6: orange/brown based, neutralises brown and black in darker skin tones

Jane Iredale Active Light Concealer

$64.00 Regular Price
$38.40Sale Price


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