LED Light Therapy Face and Neck Mask


About LED Light Therapy

The Light Therapy LED Mask provides a non-invasive cosmetic treatment by using different wavelengths of light to visibly improve and rejuvenate the skin. LED stands for Light Emitting Diode and was originally developed for plant growth experiments by NASA. It was later discovered that using LED lights had a positive effect for the treatment of wounds before being used by cosmetic therapists to help heal, refresh and regenerate the skin.
LED light therapy penetrates the skin to a cellular level and subsequently causes different cellular reactions. Many people seek out light therapy treatments at skincare clinics, but now you can perform your own LED light therapy treatments at home with your very own mask!

Product Features

  • Ergonomic design
  • Protective goggles included
  • Possible to emit light effectively to penetrate the skin
  • Lightweight and compact to move
  • Detachable light which covers the entire neck region. This attachment can be used on the back of hands
  • 192 individual bulbs in each mask
  • Velcro strap attached to mask for security around your head
  • Remote Control Operated
  • 7 Light Wavelength Options
  • 12-month warranty

The light does not emit any harmful UV rays and there is no recovery time after treatments.
You can treat yourself regularly and without any further costs, such as refills.
The LED lights last up to 100,000 hours, that is over a lifetime of usage.
Can be used on the neck as well as hands without the need for any other attachments.


If you have any underlying or existing eye conditions or are taking medication that makes the eye more sensitive to light, do not use this device, even with the use of protective goggles.
Always wear protective goggles when using the device. A pair has been provided in the package.
If you are intending to treat sun damage, please visit your skin specialist prior to use.

LED Lights and Function

The mask can change between 7 different colours (listed in order). Each colour has a specific function for your skin:

  • C1 = Red Light 630nm for Anti-Aging and Repair. Stimulates skin cells to produce more collagen and elastin, resulting in a firmer, more vibrant skin texture. Will also improve blood flow and repair damaged skin.
  • C2 = Green 520nm For Sun Damage and Anti-Aging. Boosts collagen and elastin to smooth out fine lines, wrinkles and treat hyperpigmentation. Has a brightening effect due to treatment of sun damage (sun spots, brown spots).
  • C3 = Blue 470nm For Acne Reduction. Used in skincare clinics as an acne solution by killing acne causing bacteria to prevent future breakouts. The omitted blue light can also reduce the sebaceous gland (oil gland) activity. This therapy can be used in combination with the red light which reduces inflammation often associated with acne.
  • C4 = Yellow 590nm For Healing. Has a soothing effect on irritated skin. Combats redness and conditions like eczema and rosacea while boosting collagen production.
  • C5 = Light Blue 490nm For Sensitivity. Has a soothing effect on injured or broken skin. Helps reduce allergies and their side effects while effectively strengthening and de-sensitising skin.
  • C6 = Purple 620nm For Lymphatic Drainage. Improves lymphatic drainage and skin immunity which results in faster healing and detoxification.
  • C7 = Aqua 520nm For Product Absorption. Improves absorption of skincare products such as serums and infused moisturisers.

Guide For Use

Before Use

  • Open little white bag with Velcro strap. Thread Velcro strap into designated loops on the side of the mask to secure around your face and neck. Adjust tightness appropriately
  • Open prongs from little plastic packet. Put prongs into each of the black rubber holes on the underside of the mask. This is so the mask is not sitting directly onto your skin
  • Attach white cord into remote control
  • Attach black cord connected to black AC/DC adapter into the remote control
  • Attach long black cord into the black AC/DC adapter and plug into the wall once all cords have been properly connected



  • Cleanse skin to remove all traces of makeup and lotions from face (unless you’re using the pink colour option, then please apply serum or moisturiser of choice). Dry face with a clean towel.
  • Make sure mask is charged
  • Place the black protective goggles provided around your eyes ensuring they are stilling flush on the skin, so no LED light can be seen.
  • Select the colour wavelength by pressing the “Colour Select/Start” button until you find the desired colour option (refer to colour guide)
  • Choose desired brightness by pressing the “Brightness” button until you’re happy with the level
  • Choose “Microelectronics” level by using the up and down arrows at the top of the remote. You may want to start on the lowest setting and adjust according to your sensitivity. If uncomfortable, immediately decrease intensity level
  • The “Flicker” button is optional


  • Lie flat on your back on a bed or comfortable surface for the duration of your treatment
  • Set time limit to 20 minutes maximum. Do not exceed this time limit.
  • Relax and enjoy your results!


Mask can be worn nightly or as desired. At least 3 times per week is recommended
Do not exceed 30 minutes per treatment
DC24V / 2A ~ 2.5A Voltage
28W Power Consumption

LED Light Therapy Face and Neck Mask