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Advanced Micro-Needling utilising the Dermapen MG Collection or Dermalogica's PRO Restore as prescribed by your skin therapist.


This Platinum Skin-Needling treatment utilises Dermapen's Gold Standard MG Collection which are ground-breaking serums that deliver potent active ingredients during micro-needling. These professional-grade serums can only be used by skin professionals and are formulated to help the Dermapen 4 glide across skin during micro-needling and the active ingredients are delivered deep into the skin for repair and rejuvenation. We utilise four different vials which each target a different skin condition - these include, Pigmentation, Anti-Ageing, Acne Clearing and Hydration Boost.


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*Once this treatment is purchased, it will be added to your client file at Bespoke Facial & Body Clinic for you to use at a time that suits you. This allows you to purchase treatments at sale price without having to schedule it right away.

Advanced Micro-Needling

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