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Clearing Back Treatment

An intensely purifying treatment customised to target the back and shoulders. Our clearing back treatment is designed to target active body breakouts and help keep future breakouts at bay. This treatment includes a full back cleanse and peel exfoliation to encourage cell turnover, a customised microdermabrasion exfoliation, a relaxing back, neck and shoulder massage, an active clearing masque and concludes with professional hydrating and correcting products.

This treatment is ideal for clients experiencing back-acne or hyperpigmentation left from back-acne that is no longer active. Breakouts often occur on the back when sweat, oil, dead skin cells and bacteria get trapped in your skin's pores. 

Treatment cost:


Suitable for:

- Targeting acne scarring on the back

- Back-acne & congestion

Treatment preparation:

This treatment requires minimal preparation. Please ensure that you inform your skin therapist of any contraindications including medications, surgical procedures, health concerns, recent excessive sun exposure, recent injectables etc.

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