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Tattoo Removal

This treatment uses the LUX Series tattoo removal laser device which is known for its outstanding ability to remove a variety of tattoo inks. The light is aimed at the unwanted tattoo, and then applied to the skin in pulses. This process allows the tattoo to absorb the light, which in turn shatters the pigments into tiny fragments. The fragments are then removed by the body's natural filtration system. The result leads to permanent fading of the tattoo, or removal of the tattoo altogether.

It is also important to note that the wavelengths of light used during treatment are specifically designed to be attracted only to the tattoo pigments, leaving surrounding healthy skin tissue untouched.

During this treatment, your skin therapist will conduct an thorough consultation and will assess and discuss with you the results you are likely to expect. Darker colours generally respond better to tattoo removal treatment however, your skin therapist will assess your suitability for treatment. The number of sessions a client may need depends on the size, age, quality and colour of the tattoo - sessions may range from 6-12+ in total. Sessions will generally be spaced at six week intervals, or more. 

Treatment cost:

*POA for all areas, or multiple areas treated at the same time, below is a guide'

2cm x 2cm or smaller - $99

8cm x 4cm - $159

A5 area - $349

Suitable for:

- Clients looking to remove cosmetic eyebrow tattoo to have them re-tattooed

- Clients wanting to remove body tattoos

Treatment preparation:

This treatment requires minimal preparation. Please ensure that you inform your skin therapist of any contraindications including medications, surgical procedures, health concerns, recent excessive sun exposure, recent injectables etc. Feel free to bring along any of your current skincare for your skin therapist to advise you on future use.

Treatment aftercare:

Post-treatment care is vital in order to ensure a safe treatment and to achieve the best results

24-hours post treatment - avoid sun exposure, apply spf & soothing gel multiple times a day, avoid exercise & activities that increase body temperature, keep the area clean & covered with a dressing

Up to 7-days post treatment - avoid scented lotions/soaps, avoid the use of pools & spas

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