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Our Dermaplaning treatment is the deepest, most comprehensive exfoliation of any dermaplaning treatment. This treatment combines customised mechanical and chemical exfoliation techniques –utilising chemical resurfacing and professional serums to precisely target skin concerns. Whatever your skin concerns may be, our Dermaplaning treatment will instantly reveal smoother skin and help remove hyperpigmented dead skin cells. 

Dermaplaning is one of the most popular ways to remove layers of dead skin cells charged with excess melanin. It uses an exfoliating blade to skim dead cells and hair from skin’s surface – addressing fine wrinkles and deep acne scarring as it removes ‘peach fuzz’.

Treatment cost:

30-minute add on – $75

45-minutes – $145

Suitable for:

- Targeting acne scarring, dull/dry skin, sun-damaged skin & fine lines

- All skin phototypes

- Clients seeking instant treatment results

- Event preparation, ensures easy application of make-up 

Treatment preparation:

This treatment requires minimal preparation. Please ensure that you inform your skin therapist of any contraindications including medications, surgical procedures, health concerns, recent excessive sun exposure, recent injectables etc.

Bespoke Dermaplaning
Bespoke Dermaplaning
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