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Educational Experience

This treatment begins with a comprehensive consultation and face mapping skin analysis using our Scan X Skin diagnostic tool. Your skin therapist will take a deep look into your current skincare, treatment history, skin conditions and general lifestyle to determine the best solution for your skin concerns and promote a healthy skin barrier.

The Educational Experience treatment includes a 30-minute customised facial during which your skin therapist will perform and thoroughly explain each step of the facial, for you to replicate at home. At the conclusion of your treatment, your skin therapist will guide you through a uniquely tailored treatment plan and skincare regimen to get you started on your healthy skin journey.

Clients who book for this treatment will also receive 15% off any retail prescribed by their skin therapist and purchased on the day of their appointment.

Treatment cost:


Suitable for:

- Clients beginning a new skin journey

- Clients seeking professional treatment & skincare advice

- A client’s first facial treatment

Treatment preparation:

This treatment requires minimal preparation. If possible, please arrive without makeup or skincare on. Please ensure that you inform your skin therapist of any contraindications including medications, surgical procedures, health concerns, recent excessive sun exposure, recent injectables etc. Feel free to bring along any of your current skincare for your skin therapist to advise you on future use.

Bespoke Educational Experience
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