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PRO Teen Facial

This treatment specialises in targeting teenage skin concerns and breakouts, whilst also improving overall skin condition. During this treatment we use Dermalogica’s ClearStart skincare range, which is specifically designed to clean, exfoliate, target blackheads and breakouts, whilst soothing and hydrating the skin using a combination of potent active ingredients and gentle botanica.

Your teen will also be able to consult with one of our professional skin therapists to discuss their concerns, which products would be suitable for them and how to get results with their products. This is an excellent treatment to help clear teenage skin whilst providing education on how best to treat and look after their skin. Parents are more than welcome to come along to this appointment, please be aware that for children under 16 years old, a parent or guardian is required to stay in the treatment room whilst the treatment is being performed.

Treatment cost:


Suitable for:

- Targeting teenage skin concerns & hormonal changes

- Teenage skin concern evaluations

Treatment preparation:

This treatment requires minimal preparation. Please ensure that you inform your skin therapist of any contraindications including medications, surgical procedures, health concerns, recent excessive sun exposure, recent injectables etc.

Bespoke Teen Facial
Bespoke Teen Facial
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