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Invisible sulfur-based spot treatment transforms from liquid to patch to soothe, clear, and help prevent future breakouts.


Apply as soon as you feel a blemish forming – and help stop breakouts before you can even see them. Skin-mimicking film forms a semi-permeable patch that allows airflow while protecting skin from pollution and irritants. 



deep breakout liquid patch


Skin concerns:

- Breakouts

- Post-breakout marks

- Bumpy texture



- Invisibly clears deep, hidden blemishes

- Soothes irritated skin + helps prevent future breakouts

- Safe for use during pregnancy


How to use:

Using fingertip, apply a small amount directly to skin at first feeling of breakout. Allow one minute to dry. Repeat as needed.

For external use only. Do not use on broken skin or large areas of the skin.

When using this product apply only to areas with acne.

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