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Liquid Concealer


Manifestation is a powerful tool. Erase negativity. Focus on the good. Eyebright herbal extract contains flavonoids with antihistamine properties which work to reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffy eyes. Blended with arnica and native Australian Lemon Myrtle, the Eyebright Concealer will leave you feeling aptly bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.



Eyebright Concealer


Dab a small amount of Eyebright Concealer onto areas of discolouration (under eyes, blemishes, visible capillaries etc) and pat the product down using a delicate fingertip or concealer brush, being careful to not uncover the target area. Once the product is evenly dispersed, gently buff the outer edges of the Eyebright Concealer away until it is sitting seamlessly with the skin.

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