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Achieving Superior Results Through Advanced Skin Treatments in A Luxe Environment

Our Bespoke beauty therapists have years of experience in the beauty industry and have developed a true passion for beauty and aesthetics. We are consistently striving to learn more to exceed the expectations of new, and existing clients. At Bespoke, we are dedicated to curating a tailored experience just for you, so get in touch today to secure your next treatment!


Bespoke Treatments


Our treatments at Bespoke Facial & Body Clinic are performed by highly trained professionals using only quality products and advanced machinery.


We offer a wide range of facial and body treatments, each targeting specific concerns and individual treatment goals. Our specialised skin treatments can be tailored to suit your concerns including scarring, ageing, pigmentation, and much more.


If you are simply interested in relaxing and indulging in self-care, our luxurious environment is also perfect for you! Our clinic offers an opportunity for you to escape, relax and unwind from busy realities.


To ensure we find the best treatment for you, contact us for our recommendations, or book a complimentary skin consultation with one of our professional beauty therapists. ​


At Bespoke Facial & Body Clinic, we use advanced cosmeceutical and cosmedical products to ensure that our treatments are safe and effective.  


Our professional Dermalogica and Mesoestetic products offer innovative and efficient solutions for skin treatment and care. And for our body treatments, we use Sunescape products which are formulated without any harmful ingredients.


Whilst in-clinic treatments are our passion, we also strongly recommend that clients follow a customised at-home skincare routine using selected products, to complement and enhance your in-clinic treatments.


Quality Products


New Treatments


Bespoke Facial + Body Clinic is excited to be one of the first salons in South Australia to offer the Plamere Plasma Pen Treatment. 

This state of the art treatment is designed to minimise fine lines and wrinkles, while simultaneously improving the overall texture and firmness of the skin. 

It is a non-surgical alternative to many popular procedures, and can lift and tighten eyelids, treat forehead lines, and reduce the appearance of jowls, just to name a few! 

Plamere Plasma Pen

Client Testimonials


I have been seeing Kristy for massages and facials now for 5-6 months and all I have to say is she is hands down excellent! She takes so much care and interest in her clients life and makes it really personal each month I come in for an appointment. Her presence is calming and could not thank and praise Kristy more for her attentiveness, 10/10 work and effort she puts in to each service. Love the Bespoke Clinic. Such a calming environment as soon as you step through the doors!

- Tayla

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